One Judgment by God? Or, multiple?

Will There Be Just One Judgment?Only One Judgment?

Many people believe that, after death, there is just one judgment – the Great White Throne Judgment mentioned in Revelation 20:11-15. They believe that everyone (in either body or soul) is gathered together at that time and God chooses those that can go to heaven and sends the rest to hell (or the lake of fire). Is that Biblical? Or, are there multiple judgments by God?

As I mentioned in a previous post (What Happens When I Die?), people at funerals frequently assume that the deceased is “in a better place.” But, if the Great White Throne Judgment (GWTJ) does not occur until at least 1000 years later, how can that be?

That is only one complication of the concept of “one judgment.” The answer, I believe, is a Biblical teaching that there are several judgment events. I believe that there are actually (at least) seven judgments where man must face the consequences (including one at death to determine his or her destination.

Here are the seven judgments that I have identified:

  • Judgment of ACTIONS
  • Judgment at DEATH
  • Judgment at RAPTURE
  • Judgment of GODLY WORKS
  • Judgment of NATIONS
  • Judgment of GRATITUDE
  • Judgment of DEAD WORKS

Since the development of each of these concepts will require some study and reading, I will write a future article about each.

Disagree? Comment?

I understand that not everyone will agree with the concepts that I present. That is OK. Whether you agree or disagree, I will be pleased to discuss these issues with you on this site. Questions posed on Facebook or other social media will generally be directed to the relative article here.

I will NOT be drawn into an argument over these matters. We may disagree but we must respect each other – and the other person’s opinions.

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