I Appreciate Your Patience

For all of those who have accessed our website thank you. I ask for your patience as I have never designed a website. If you see some things that will enhance our website or made make it more user friendly please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be working on this site in a progressive manner.

Sincere thanks to our hosting service and my good friend Ray Waldo at BTLOC.

Please keep checking back. Thanks.


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I am a blessed man to have a beautiful wife and four great kids. I am the Pastor of the Warden Assembly of God in Warden, WA. Our church is located in Eastern Washington about 90 miles west of Spokane. This is farmer country. Great place to live! I am a Pastor of an Assemblies of God church in Eastern Washington. I am originally from Delaware but have not lived there since 1986. I have been to Eastern Europe, the Carribean, Mexico, El Salvador and I look forward to doing more traveling. I would like to pursue my Doctorate and teach in a Bible College or Seminary someday. I was raised in Delaware. I went to JSBC from 1986-1993. During that time I was Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Amite, LA.from 1991-1996. From there my wife and my daughter Monta and I moved to Robert, LA. where we were the Youth Pastor at Robert Church of God from 1996-1999. We miss all of our dear friends in Louisiana. Thanks for the memories.