About David

am from New Orleans,Louisiana really Covington. Actually I am from the Lee Road area. My friends all know where that is. I was born at the Charity Hospital in Bogalusa, Louisiana. I am a person with two names David and my Family in Lousiana know me as Chuck. If asked I will say my name is David. Those that know me as Chuck, know what to call me and it is all right. Just don’t call me late for dinner! Bless you all today….David J

Dec 19

The secret place of God

We as human beings are born with a deep desire to find God. We might define it differently. Human terms are often inadequate to describe this primal urge. Words like wealth, popularity, success are sometimes used to define this urge and upon getting them we still have that empty spot only God can fill. Down through the ages mankind has hungered for this place and yet we often fall short. So….where is this place. I will endeavor over the next 365 days to journey to that place and ask you to join me. Continue reading