Yellow Jacket Stings

If you didn’t know, yellow jacket stings hurt – a LOT!

A humorous (true) story

Yellow Jacket Stings

Today, I got caught in a nest of yellow jackets. They stung me at least 4 or 5 times on my face and ears plus more on my arms. And, I am in pain. A LOT of pain!

I am usually not a crybaby about pain. I am writing as a way to re-focus my mind on something else. It is NOT working and I am about to start crying! 🙂

Yellow Jacket Stings
I managed to kill ONE of them!

The fiasco will be kinda funny when the pain subsides:

The insects hit me while I was working outside. I suppose they had a nest in the ground and I stepped on it or something.

They stung me on my ear and I tried to swat them off. Unfortunately, when I did that, Continue reading Yellow Jacket Stings