Between The Lines?

Sharing Knowledge – Gaining Friends

The Between The Lines Online Community (BTLOC) exists to provide ordinary people with a venue for giving help and guidance to others. (AKA “Just Ordinary Folks”)

between the linesWhy “Between The Lines”? We show what the instruction books leave out.

“Between the lines” suggests that, even with the immense quantity of information in the Internet, there are some things that need further explanation. Our writers offer the common sense approach to helping in some area where they feel gifted.

Each of our websites is unique in design and purpose. Many are written by different authors. Some are Biblical, some are general interest, some are technical, and others may be related to crafts or trades.  Some are just for fun! But they all have a common focus: to help our friends understand a concept better.

Our NEWS site ( will present the newest and best articles from all the other sites. So, you can just connect there (or subscribe) and know when one of our sites has published a new article that may be of interest to you.