Public Passion vs. Private Devotion

As a pastor and leader of a growing congregation in North Central Washington I recognize a leadership tension in my life. It is the tension of public ministry vs. private preparation.

Far too often I can get caught up in the work of the Lord and neglect the Lord of the work. Today I was listening to a speaker who mentioned a few questions that leaders can reflect on daily. Here they are

1.  Did the Bible live through me today?

2. Did I get to bed on time or get up on time?

3. Did I disobey God over anything?

It is not enough for me to be a full time preacher and a part time disciple, I must be a full time disciple and let my time with Jesus impact my calling.

What are your thoughts? Do you have other questions?photo-1 Bible and coffee  12 11 14

I Appreciate Your Patience

For all of those who have accessed our website thank you. I ask for your patience as I have never designed a website. If you see some things that will enhance our website or made make it more user friendly please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be working on this site in a progressive manner.

Sincere thanks to our hosting service and my good friend Ray Waldo at BTLOC.

Please keep checking back. Thanks.


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